Life Balance & Relaxation

How To Find It





When was the last time you had a good nights sleep? Millions  of people are suffering from sleep deprivation and don't even know it.  Over 10% of Americans are workaholics. All for the sake of  making the mighty dollar. Why do people push themselves to their physical and  mental limits forsaking life, love and the pursuit of happiness? How can you change your view of work without sacrificing family and leisure? Keep reading!

A Much Needed Vacation?


Did you know that the average worker in the 21st Century will opt to get paid for their vacation time and use the money for paying bills? They will then cram whatever leisure they have into the weekends  only to thrust themselves into an auto stress mode by Monday morning. The repeat of this process over times causes extreme fatigue an other health issues.  It has been known to strain marriages and other relationships. Are you a working time bomb?

How To Find Balance!

Modern Technology dictates that no Job Needs us Like That any more!

Simply put...we're expendable! Now it's time to get real and accept that many of us create our own issues.   The reason that employers give vacation time is so that they can "keep" healthy happy and well balanced employees.  Keep in mind these points when you are seeking employment.  (1) If there is no vacation package, don't take the job.  Too often, we take jobs we hate and accept less for more work.  It's time to change.

Take A Different Approach!

Take Notes...

Vacation Solutions


Can't Afford to Go Out of Town?

If money or time is an issue for a vacation, find local places to visit for the weekend.  If you are near the ocean...go to the beach.  Water is very calming and can make you feel as if you have been away on an island after only an hour of being away.


No Water Where you Are?

Go  to the nicest hotel in town and enjoy their amenities. While there, networking should be in full force. When your workday is  hectic, and you still have work on your brain, pack a   small bag and be prepared to treat yourself to an in-town get-a-way as  if you have truly gone away to another city.  Have breakfast in bed at  the hotel.  Have lunch at the poolside.  Go dancing if there is  entertainment at the hotel that weekend. Meet new people who may be in  your town for business or vacation. Take advantage of everything  available that you can budget for.  Change your mindset to imagine that  you are coming from somewhere else when you check's fun, and  imaginative... Take pictures for your vacation scrapbook..You  will have lots of fun but you must play the role!  You will relax very  quickly and feel as if you have been a world traveler. 


After a Day of Activities...Sleep Well

As mentioned in the onset of this page, many people are sleep depraved. Try taking a hot bath and relax before going to bed.  Reflect on the days activities and don't think about work.  If you choose to take a call, tell them you are on vacation and let them know that you are on your way out to the are sure to love this fantasy vacation...Then, it's lights out..."Night, night."

Knowing Yourself Relieves Stress

Who Are You?

Take A Moment To Reflect...

"Relax...Let your mind breathe and live"


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