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The Front Porch


 A Kain Reaction's "Front Porch," segment  steals the show and brings folk back to basics by way of mesmerizing episodes each week with special guests on an authentic Front Porch in the south! Victoria Kain's guests will  share how their dreams came true that started on a simple front porch!  Dare to dream and watch true success in the making!

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Variety shows are back with a vengeance and this show has the best entertainment ever!  We are looking for talent in all areas.  Singing, dancing, comedy  or other natural talents fit for television. Send us your talent entry to and include your talent you wish to showcase, telephone number and email address.  We will contact you within 48hrs.

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Everybody has a story to tell and on a Kain Reaction show, we will tell it sitting on an authentic "Front Porch." Send us your story in 300 words or less to P.O. Box 2021 Fortson, Ga. Attn:  Jenny Bradshaw. OR . Deadline for entries is May 20th.   If selected, we will contact you for a personal audition to be a guest on our show.  

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The Black Mans Britches

A Novel by Victoria E. Kain

"Wake up, wake up!" How long does it take to free one man who has  committed no crime? Why must he conceal himself in this unrelenting  pursuit? The predator hunted his prey in a frenzy coming closer to  capturing him alive with each sunset of generations. Each new tactic, blindly exposed his motives of the blatant manipulation of his preys existence. Through indentured servitude within his system, his prey was forced to become a fixed asset to debt bondage making it impossible for his escape.

Now the truth is  revealed about this unjust imprisonment of  innocent men for the sake of branding a position of superiority  and obsessive control. In the wake of a new dawn, eyes are opened, and the prey openly confiscates the spoils of the predator settling a score for their ancestors whose voices are no longer heard. To the Black Man...wake up, the  shackles were never on your feet, but on your mind! Wrestle the keys from your adversaries  hands and free yourself. You are forever strong...

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The Black Man's Britches


With dignity he is shrouded in rags.  With pride and integrity he stands tall and does not waiver.  His story is one that will never be repeated again.   

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Be among the first to sit on an authentic Front Porch and chat with  the best storyteller in the Southern hemisphere and "Remember When!"

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